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Become a self-published author and sell your own books, you can be a foreign citizen

Not only that, we find a way to publish an effective book in the Vietnamese market through book translation. Instead of writing a book, we translate the book.

And if writing a book means sharing the message of the universe, or so-called sharing the message that we receive from the universe, including knowledge, skills, experiences, our own expertise and a lot of our own experiences in life.

So, it's a way to create a manuscript through writing a book. As for how to create a manuscript through book translation, which means that we create a manuscript based on, there is an existing manuscript, then we translate it and after translating the book, we finished creating a translated manuscript.

Those two things are almost the same, from that step forward. That is, from the step of having a manuscript, then how to publish the book, then how to distribute the book, and then to the next steps. It differs only in the way the manuscript is created. One side creates the manuscript through import, and the other side creates the manuscript by creating it yourself. That is book publishing by way of book translation and book publishing by way of book writing.

Royal is a pioneer unit with the movement of Book Writing and training in book writing and self-publishing. More than 10 years of operation, the team of royal authors has grown to 100 people from individuals to organizations. Currently, the royal family wishes to expand book publishing to foreign authors, so that it can create a team of self-published book writers on five continents, in a way that spreads wisdom and cross-cultural communication, creating an open world for people who read books.

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When you create a book, you want to make sure that your work, whether published or unpublished, is protected by copyright. Contrary to other forms of certification, submitting a copy of your work via certified mail is not an adequate means of obtaining copyright. Copyrighting your work through common law is a way of proving that your work is your own. Formal registration is required before you have any right to take action against those who are stealing or profiting from your work.

In our country, copyright registration is not an easy task - because the protection of one's Copyright is based on many different factors, in which the process of identity appraisal and the method of creating a work – copyright is a very difficult thing.

When you register the copyright, you prove that you are the creator of this book work and that no one has the right to copy the work - commercialize the work without going through you. If you have a Copyright, it is illegal for others to do it (copy the work and/or trade the work) without your consent.

Vietnam is a country that has joined the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), so the confirmation and recognition of Copyright is more and more strict. This requires everyone – including copyright registrants to be transparent, clear and register exactly what is written by themselves – not to copy someone else's work. and then assign it to your own. This, if granted Copyright, in the long run also brings bad consequences when you are not really the creator of the work that you bring to register the copyright.

WIPO is the go-to place for member countries to have their copyright registered worldwide, not just in their own country. And when Vietnam joins the world WIPO network, it means that your Copyrights registered will be valid globally, not just about Vietnam – even though you only copyright in Vietnam.

2. Why do you have to register copyright with us?

When registering copyright with us, this we will represent you to work with the State agency - the only place that has the authority to license the Copyright for you, and when you have the Copyright , you are protected by law if there is a future legal title dispute. There are a few informal ways to strengthen your claim without being officially registered, although there is no provision in copyright law regarding these methods:

2.1. Alternatively you can publish a book with us to be sure to confirm that you are already the Original Author of the Work you wish to be protected. Publishing a book is the best way to ensure that what is published is yours, and that it is the original Author's copyright created by you. As for why this is so, you can understand that: Publishing a Work through legal representations can publish your Work - you are the Author by default - Own the copyright of work you publish.

2.2. When you register your copyright at our place, we make sure that your copyright registration is in accordance with the procedures, standards, roadmap and legally visible effect. as well as in terms of publishing the work to the public.

3. Why should you register copyright right now?

According to the laws that apply in most countries – from the very beginning until now, you should register your Copyright as soon as you complete it, this will ensure that you are the author of what you create and if there is a dispute, because you are the first to register, the law both protects you legally – and protects you morally, which is easy in cases where there is a problem. unintended copyright disputes in the future.

You probably know copyright laws in most countries around the world. But obviously copyright registration in Vietnam is a complicated process – it requires many elements of identity proof and other legal procedures. The story will be easier if you ask us as your agent to register the copyright on your behalf – and many of our partners do. And I believe that when you have Copyright in your hand – your hope and confidence in your achievements will become very different. So register your copyright now - as soon as possible - and we'll help you get the most out of your copyright.

When you find it too difficult – or you need support to get a copyright, you can contact us. With more than many years of experience in the book publishing industry, we are confident to accompany you so that your work is copyrighted in the most perfect way.

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