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Become a self-published author and sell your own books, you can be a foreign citizen

Not only that, we find a way to publish an effective book in the Vietnamese market through book translation. Instead of writing a book, we translate the book.

And if writing a book means sharing the message of the universe, or so-called sharing the message that we receive from the universe, including knowledge, skills, experiences, our own expertise and a lot of our own experiences in life.

So, it's a way to create a manuscript through writing a book. As for how to create a manuscript through book translation, which means that we create a manuscript based on, there is an existing manuscript, then we translate it and after translating the book, we finished creating a translated manuscript.

Those two things are almost the same, from that step forward. That is, from the step of having a manuscript, then how to publish the book, then how to distribute the book, and then to the next steps. It differs only in the way the manuscript is created. One side creates the manuscript through import, and the other side creates the manuscript by creating it yourself. That is book publishing by way of book translation and book publishing by way of book writing.

Royal is a pioneer unit with the movement of Book Writing and training in book writing and self-publishing. More than 10 years of operation, the team of royal authors has grown to 100 people from individuals to organizations. Currently, the royal family wishes to expand book publishing to foreign authors, so that it can create a team of self-published book writers on five continents, in a way that spreads wisdom and cross-cultural communication, creating an open world for people who read books.

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